Italian ice cream makers in Berlin

About us

It was 1998 when we decided to bring our expertise as Italian ice cream makers to Berlin. As four entrepreneurs in the industry with wealth of experience and different skill sets, we decided to collaborate in an ambitious project: the opening of a large ice cream parlor in the heart of Berlin and offer real Italian artisanal ice cream from our own production with natural ingredients. The city immediately proved to be a wonderful ally, so much that even today we still feel we are full ambassadors for this magnificent product.

We the idea of being the sweet flavorsome part of the life of every Berliner and everyone who comes to visit this extraordinary city. For this reason why we have created an unique atmosphere in Potsdamer Platz where you can enjoy real Italian artisanal ice cream which takes you on a journey through the essence of Italy, the lifestyles, aesthetics and history of the five cities that characterize the Caffè e Gelato space: Milan, Rome, Venice, Florence, and Naples.

Florence, an area with raised seating overlooking the ice cream parlor
Naples, an area of the ice cream parlor for enjoying ice cream and learning about our ingredients

Our Italian Identity

So many values are intertwined in Caffè e Gelato: our history, the concept of the family, the artisan entrepreneur, the Italian territory. Our Italian-ness is recognizable in our name Caffè e Gelato, but also in the human approach, in the environment and especially in the range of products.

Being Italian abroad has many meanings, such as emotional and cultural ones: the theme of beauty, culture, creativity… all of this has been transformed with great passion into an environment with attention to every detail, both contemporary and classic in the harmony of colors, nuances and decorations. A harmony of materials and furnishings with strong craftmanship, designed ad hoc, all Made in Italy. An environment where the human touch produces with care and quality can is felt, with a high level of product quality and tangible experience.

Gluten-free bisquits preparation in our pastry workshop