Artisanal Decoration

Design and Creativity

Milan, city of efficiency, industriousness, and Design.
The café is a crossroads from which trays laden with sculptural glass bowls, created from masterful decoration with fruits and pastries which is visible to the onlookers (or) The café is the crossing point where the waiters pass by with beautiful sundaes all decked out with fruits and pastries.
An area to sip a coffee or to enjoy ice-cream at a small tableo.

Cream-flavored cup, with Brigidini and artisanal chocolate puff
Milano, an area with tables and comfortable seating to enjoy coffee

Decorated ice cream cups

All ingredients and decorations used for our ice cream sculptures are made in the Frutta e Pasticceria facility of Caffè e Gelato.

Berry sundae cream flavors, and artisanal chocolate puff/ Berries sundae
Mango ice cream sundae,  and artisanal crisp puff pastry
Artisanal production of ice cream sticks inside our laboratory
Extra large fruit and yogurt ice cream sundaes