Small bites snacks to enjoy

Ice Cream Snack

Innovative ice cream snacks to be enjoyed in small bites, also perfect for on the go in the city. Produced with the mastery of our ice cream makers and mixed with ingredients from our artisan bakery: cookies, sauces, crumbles, high quality granolas.

Artisanal jar with coffee parfait and chantilly cream, zabaglione sauce and gluten-free chocolate crumble
Production of artisanal gluten-free coconut cookies and dulce de leche cream
Gluten-free artisanal coconut cookie and dulce de leche cream
Production of the artisanal jars with hazelnut parfait and chantilly cream, salted caramel sauce and gluten-free hazelnut crumble
Artisanal jar with pistachio and coconut parfait, with pistachio sauce and gluten-free coconut dacquoise