The search for gourmet taste


In the Naples area the light infiltrates the space and the materials, creating a sunny athmosphere.
The search for raw materials, naturalness of ingredients, exclusive gourmet flavors: all the ingredients for true, natural, artisanal Italian ice cream.

Gluten-free sandwich with pistachio parfait and raspberry sauce
 The area called "Napoli," where you can enjoy an ice cream sundae within its greenery of nature themed interior.

Gourmet Flavors

Our Gourmet flavors are the result of innovative recipes developed with attention to the combination of flavors and textures.
Natural sauces with real fruit, more flavor and less sugar, no colorings, no artificial preparations and flavors, baking ingredients form our own production and largely gluten-free.

Artisan  maxi cones made from fragrant wafer
Gourmet salted caramel cream ice cream
Raspberry and dark chocolate gourmet flavor
Mascarpone and chocolate crumble gourmet flavor
Gluten-free coconut cookie with hazelnut parfait and tropical sauce
Gluten-free chocolate chip cookie with coconut parfait and caramel sauce