The True Italian Artisanal Ice Cream


Since 1998, Caffè e Gelato in Berlin has been synonymous with excellence and quality in the selection of raw materials, artisanal skills and mastery of making ice cream: true artisanal, natural Italian ice cream.
In the Florence area, looking through the window you will experience the excitement of seeing ice cream being made, as in an artisan workshop. You can sit on the high benches to observe the life of the store while indulging the flavors of our sundaes born out of artisanal expertise.

Tiramisu ice cream decoration, with gluten-free cookies
Florence, an area with raised seating that offers a view of the ice cream parlor

High-quality raw materials

We produce fresh ice cream every day by selecting only the best high quality natural raw materials: many are locally produced, others are typically form the best Italian production sites, but also international ones such as Piedmont hazelnut and Bronte pistachio, and the international ones such as Thaiti vanilla and Madagascar Bourbon. They are all expertly processed following ancient Venetian recipes, just like in the past.

Bronte pistachios
The window to the artisan ice cream workshop
Preparation for semifreddo
Artisanal tropical sauce
Thaiti and Madagascar Bourbon vanilla sticks
Artisanal strawberry sauce