True Italian ice cream in the heart of Berlin

Ice cream

At Caffè e Gelato, in the heart of Berlin, we prepare artisanal ice cream by using only fresh natural ingredients every day. Our recipes ensure natural flavor and are designed to make ice cream more digestible and tolerable.
Take-away cone
Ice cream dipping cabinet showcasing our wide range of different flavors.

From classic ice cream to Gourmet flavors

Here you can enjoy high quality Classic Ice Cream, with fresh milk and fruit processed on site. You will also find a range of Sugar Free, Lactose Free, Vegan and Organic flavors.

The Classic Plus flavors are made with important raw materials, typically from the best Italian production sites, such as pistachios from Bronte, and international ones, such as Tahiti vanilla and Bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, which we expertly mix.

We conduct extensive research to constantly renew our range of Gourmet flavors, created by combining our own produced sauces and crumbles. You will regularly discover new and unique flavors in the ice cream parlor.

Mascarpone, cookie and chocolate gourmet flavor