Ice cream becomes a sensory experience


A cozy, bright, central space where you can sit and enjoy ice cream while being at the centre of the scene: the Venice area is a meeting place, a square where the light blends with decor on different materials. A sensual space enjoying our exclusive sundaes.
Our sundaes with sour cherries and almonds and with yogurt and strawberries
Venice, a bright, comfortable and central area of the ice cream shop

Sensory Experience

Enjoying ice cream is an experience that engages all senses and learning to taste it means recognizing its qualities: fullness of flavor, creaminess, freshness on the plalate..a universe of sensations that are developed and are their speciality in Caffe e Gelato.
Artisanal pistachio crunch
Hot chocolate soufflé, pistachio and vanilla ice cream
Hot, cold and chocolate
Vanilla semifreddo, almond crisp and tiramisu ice cream
Artisanal dark chocolate nest
Tropical fruit and cream cup