The “Caffè e Gelato“ ice-cream parlour first opened in 1999 in the new Arkaden shopping mall in the famous Potsdamer Platz. We four partners and ice-cream makers learned our craft in Italy, the traditional home of ice-cream. All of us then, having managed ice-cream parlours for years in another towns in Germany, decided to make our dream come true and to bring authentic home-made ice-creams to the historic  centre of Berlin…..and “Caffè e Gelato” was born. We all believe in the same philosophy, that involves only the use of genuine ingredients and the continuous elaboration and re-elaboration of our own special recipes. This is what makes our products so exquisitely unique. The name “Caffè e Gelato“, invented in 1999, emphasizes the perfect combination of ice-creams and coffee as we offer not only delicious ice-creams but excellent coffees and teas.
Over the years our team has come to include a qualified, competent, enthusiastic and elegant staff from 15 different nations, a fact we are more than proud of.

For all of us our work is our passion and the motto for our ices is: delicious, fresh and healthy!

Franco Dal Cin, Ezio Piccin, Roberto Pin and Alfio Rorato