Our Ingredients


To guarantee the highest quality we only use select ingredients of known origin with no artificial colouring, flavouring and preservatives or vegetable fats. In order to abide by our own principles we only choose natural ingredients produced in their country of origin. Here are some of the ingredients we use for our ice-creams.


Organic vanilla (Bourbon variety) from Madagascar
Plain chocolate from Belgium
Mascarpone 100% milk from Alto Adige
Lemons from Sorrento
Strawberries (Senga Sengana variety)
Organic pistachios from Brontë in Sicily
Chestnuts from Piedmont
Hazelnuts from Piedmont
Candied oranges from Sicily
Mandarins from Sicilia
Licorice from Calabria
Almonds from Sicily
Nougat from Veneto
Cherries from Piedmont
Abate pears from Veneto
Milk and dairy products from Brandenburg
Organic cream from Brandenburg
Malaga liqueur from Spain
Mangos from the Tropics
Coconuts from Hainan Island
Macadamia nuts from Australia