The Ice-cream Renaissance


For lovers of real home-made Italian ice-creams, for those looking for quality, flavour and freshness, we are proud to present “Caffè e Gelato” in Potsdamer Platz Berlin!
Our genuine products are renowned for their delicious freshness and  we always take care to improve all our recipes and creations in our kitchen where only natural ingredients are permitted and where artificial colourings, flavourings, preservatives and hydrogenated vegetable fats are not allowed.
A whole world of taste and flavour thanks to our home-made creations that please both the eyes and the taste buds: from our classics such as chocolate or coffee sundaes, affogatos and semifreddos, and yoghurt cups, to our original creations such as fresh fruit “carpaccios” with ice-cream, Sushi-ice-cream (mini portions of ice-cream), sophisticated ice-cream cakes, fun cups for the kids and a whole range of fruit flavoured ice creams.
Natural home-made products from our own laboratory are also used for our decorations such as wafers, crisp and crunchy, puff pastry, caramel cream and fruit syrups. We also have a wide range of dairy free, sugar free and gluten free products.

Sweet, fresh, delicious ice-creams are an essential part of our lives.

Summer lasts all year here and it’s never the wrong time to enjoy that special refreshing healthy ice-cream.

Bon Appetit!

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