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Gelato and much more...

Gelato! Deliciously healthy

We use only natural ingredients, fresh every day.

Our milky flavours use only fresh milk, which is pasteurized during the production process.
Our recipes guarantee natural flavours and are designed to make our ice cream easy to digest and well tolerated.
We have a range of gelato that includes not only classical milk or fruit flavours, but also sugar-free, lactose-free, organic (ÖKO-070) and vegan.

We also care about original,
elegant presentations of our specialities

Only the best for you...

Flavour that’s good for you.
fruit-flavoured gelato specialities

A host of colourful, fresh fruit ….our specialities are made entirely with seasonal fresh fruit to ensure absolute quality. Enjoy thinly sliced fresh fruit with gelato, creations with mixed berries or tropical fruit, or a tub of genuine yoghourt gelato, and lots of fruit flavours and variants.


Be seduced by sweetness
our milk flavoured gelato specialities

Give in to tubs of chocolate and vanilla gelato with crunchy Tuscan wafers, topped with whipped cream, hazelnut cream, caramelised almonds and chocolate chips. Or savour hazelnut gelato with hazelnuts and creamy egg nog, doused in chocolate.  For those who prefer malaga, there’s a tub of malaga and vanilla gelato, decorated with whipped cream, creamy egg nog, sultanas and candy floss.

If its not gelato...
let it be sweet or savoury!

Make way for our alternatives; coffee with biscuits and a taste of Catalan cream, our irresistable crepes served with fresh fruit, ice cream or cheese and other top quality savouries. We also serve fruit juice and freshly squeezed fruit juices, a refined selection of wines and delicious aperitifs to enjoy with sandwiches, bruschettas (toasted bread seasoned with oil and garlic and topped with diced tomatoes) or traditional toasted sandwiches.


Will you have a coffee
or do you prefer a nice cup of tea…

This is certainly the right place to enjoy a hot drink. The best selections of coffee are served with a variety of biscuits and a taste of Catalan cream. If you prefer tea, we have an exclusive selection to sip with refined home-made pastries.  A host of scents and flavours that will enchant you.

If gelato’s not your choice...
there are always our cakes!

There are plenty of cakes, freshly made in our kitchens by our pastry cook, to serve with coffee. From a classical Sacher to apple cake or our delicious Tenerina (softy), walnut brownies, tiramisù or strudel served with vanilla custard. All our cakes are decorated with chocolate and served with a helping of cream.  We also have a selection of freshly made crepes, served with fruit and gelato.

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