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A true Italian gelato shop.

In 1998 we decided to bring our experience as master ice-cream makers to Berlin.

We were four entrepreneurs in the trade, each with lots of experience and their own sensitivity.  We decided to join forces in an unprecedented, ambitious project: to open a grand ice cream parlour in the heart of Berlin.

The city immediately became a splendid ally, so much so that we still feel authorised to consider ourselves ambassadors of this outstanding product.

Chi siamo
Book Berlino Becher

We’ve now been in Berlin for twenty years and want to celebrate this important anniversary with a book that tells of our great adventure.

The fears and emotions that filled our lives due to the courageous choice we made, which still rewards us and fills us with pride.
Simple, sincere words to honour the city, Berlin, which radically changed our lives and made us better people.
Ask for a copy in our shop.

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