Our ice-creams


“Caffé e Gelato” has an ice-cream for all tastes. Find yours!





Our Classic selection includes all the old favourites. Vanilla, chocolate, lemon, hazelnut, chocolate chip, tiramisu, coffee dash, malaga, strawberry, mango and yoghurt are just some of of our classics.

Health: sugar and lactose free ice-creams


Our health selection guarantees just that…and of course they are delicious! Our sugar-free apricot, pear, mandarin and chocolate ice-creams are just some of our fructose-based products. But it is not only our fruit ice-creams that are lactose-free, so are some of our chocolate ones. We also have a choice of vegan ices made without animal proteins.





Let yourself be tempted by our original Premium selection created especially for our customers. Try our unforgettable Biscottino, with fresh mascarpone and crunchy biscuit pieces, hazelnut cream and chocolate or Desiderio, a chocolate chip ice-cream with cherry sauce and caramel almonds, Crema Argentina, fiordilatte ice-cream with caramel and crunchy almond flakes, or then there’s Fruttissimo, kiwi, banana or pineapple ice-cream with mango and passion fruit cream..…Premium indeed!!

Gelato biologico


Naturally we also have some organic ice-creams, vanilla and chocolate, rigorously made only with products that have passed European quality controls that regulate organic food production.